ABC’s of Gardening with Daylilies

Daylily culture considerations: planting, watering, fertilizing, and weed control.

Dividing (reasons for + timing), trimming, replanting specimens (with regard for anticipated space requirements).

Climate zone considerations.

Tools: our favorites, & why.

Landscaping & Design considerations: colors (that work well together, for your individual setting ie: city, acreage, farm, business, or industrial location), height, bloom time + how to fill that space.

Uses for daylilies, other than in your garden, ie: cake decoration.

Classes are 2 hours duration, during bloom time – mid-July to mid-August; beginning with a tour of our gardens.

Minimum of 2 or 3 individuals per class at a cost of $50./person, includes take home plant stock.

Tour of BB’s Loft (homing pigeons), and how the inclusion of animals or birds can enhance your gardening experience.

Book online via this website’s ‘Contact Us’ page: or by phone, at 403-887-6107.

Nella & Molly – Our Trusted & True Friends.

Nella & Molly – Spring of 2019

Our labs, Nella & Molly, remain our best allies in deterring moose and deer. Now in their 10th and 8th years respectively, they remain valiant in their callings as big animal dissuaders. Our daylily and vegetable gardens remain safe under their guardianship. And they work for biscuits!

Getting along in years, you might not know it as you watch them in action. Thank you pups for your faithfulness.

BB’s LOFT: Homing Pigeons – new feature for families visiting the farm!


Our 8 x 8 x 6′ high loft sits in an old brooder house here on the farm; housing a small flock of pigeons that visitors can see, touch, and release. Together we learn about these amazing, intelligent birds.

Noted for their ability to fly long distances, they can reach speeds of up to 90 mph. Our breeding stock came from Northstar Doves near Lacombe, AB. We now have a small number of mealys, pies, and gray bars – beautiful, as well as brilliant.