Big Dig Landscaper Clump Sale List

Applause (tall; dark blood-red) SOLD OUT!

Alaskan Midnight

Apricot Summer (tall; spider like)

Atlas (tall; clear yellow)

Bess Ross (tall; rich red)

Blackberry Sherbet (med; gold with red eyezone) SOLD OUT!

Blueberry Sundae (short; creamy white with dark edge) SOLD OUT!

Border Sentry (med; yellow & rose bicolor with rose band)

Bright Dancer (tall; bright red; has a woodland feel)

Buttered Popcorn (tall; bright butter yellow; early bloomer) SOLD OUT!

Caitlyn McKenzie (med; apricot orange) SOLD OUT!

Catherine Neal (tall; dark purple) SOLD OUT!

Chicago Knockout (med; rich dark red) SOLD OUT!

Coral Spider (tall; light coral with creamy gold ribs) SOLD OUT!

Darius (short; purple-blue) SOLD OUT!

Designer Gown (med; pink lavender blend) SOLD OUT!

Dominic (tall; dark black red)

Double Pom Pom (med; salmon pink)

Eyes Have It (tall; pink with burgundy eyezone)

Fielder’s Choice (med; burgundy red)

Frances Joiner (short; peach rose blend) SOLD OUT!

Green Flutter (short; canary yellow)

Hamlet (short; purple with dark blue halo)

Hey There (med; crimson red with fine white edge) SOLD OUT!

House of Orange (med; dark orange)

Hudson Valley (tall; greenish yellow) SOLD OUT!

Ilonka (med; orchid lavender blend) SOLD OUT!

Jo Barbre (med; yellow; simple double)

Longlesson Liberty Belle (tall; rose peach)

Love Those Eyes (med; golden yellow with red eyezone) SOLD OUT!

Mad Max (tall; rosy purple spider)

Mateus (tall; rose wine)

Nairobi Night (tall; purple with yellow green throat) SOLD OUT!

Pepper Sauce (short; ruby crimson)

Quinn Buck (med; lavender)

Rocket Man (tall; red with distinct mid-rib)

Royal Palace Prince (med; rose lavender blend)

Ruby Throat (short; ruby red) SOLD OUT!

Savannah Art (short; reddish brown)

Shades of Darkness (med; black red)

Siloam Paul Watts (med; red)

Sir Modred (short; dark red - almost black)

Sligo (med; rich red)

South Seas (tall; pink with melon overlay)


Spirit of Paris (med; pink tinted cream - needs heat)

Svengali (med; peach/rose) SOLD OUT!

Turkish Night (tall; light grape purple)

Victorian Collar (med; yellow gold)

White Crinoline (short; near white) SOLD OUT!

Wispy Rays (tall; pompeian red) SOLD OUT!

Yazoo Double Butterscotch (short; gold/brown/red blend) SOLD OUT!

Note: While on our website you can search in 'OUR DAYLILIES' to see what these cultivars look like (those that are published), but PLEASE ORDER THESE CLUMPS BY PHONE (403-887-6107). If you order via the flower page you will be purchasing at regular price, and you will not get a clump.

Frontier Bus Lines Ltd. Gablehouse Farm & Gardens Tour – 28 July 2022

Carolyn & I had the fun opportunity of hosting 2 tours on the farm - yesterday morning, and this morning. The groups, made up of fun-loving folks, had the chance to look around the farm and enjoy Carolyn's beautiful daylily gardens; and Jeff's homing pigeons. We even banded a baby pigeon today!

We always enjoy having visitors to the farm. It is such a peaceful place.

Rupee – A New Comer to the Farm

We welcome 'Rupee' to the farm (as of 5 weeks ago now). She is a tick-hound/Maremma Sheep Dog X. She has retained the hound features, with a beautiful coat and markings. With part of her make-up coming from a shepherding line of dogs, she is always on the alert - and takes her watch dog duties very seriously. Any one who has visited the farm lately can attest to that.

At a current 3 years of age, and with very good health, we look forward to a lengthy companionship.

NELLA 2009-2021 Loyal Farm Dog & Camp Helper

Our long-time friend, Nella, left this world earlier this season. She was 12 years old and developed a life ending condition wherein she was no longer able to breath properly. We had to say good-bye to a very loyal dog, who gave her all as a companion over the years we were priviledged - and blessed - to have her. She remains a loving part of our family. As well as helping on the farm, keeping moose and deer out of our gardens, she accompanied Jeff on many camps over the last decade. She was a very good lookout, and worked for biscuits. You could always tell where she was in camp because of the soft bell she wore on her neck. We have sooo many stories...

Out of Stock Cultivars

All daylilies marked as "Out of Stock" are in fact available, but only in limited quantities - as we are currently growing them on. They need to be ordered by telephone: 403-887-6107. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Jeff & Carolyn

Nella & Molly – Our Trusted & True Friends.

Nella & Molly - Spring of 2019

Our labs, Nella & Molly, remain our best allies in deterring moose and deer. Now in their 10th and 8th years respectively, they remain valiant in their callings as big animal dissuaders. Our daylily and vegetable gardens remain safe under their guardianship. And they work for biscuits!

Getting along in years, you might not know it as you watch them in action. Thank you pups for your faithfulness.

BB’s LOFT: Homing Pigeons – new feature for families visiting the farm!


Our 8 x 8 x 6' high loft sits in an old brooder house here on the farm; housing a small flock of pigeons that visitors can see, touch, and release. Together we learn about these amazing, intelligent birds.

Noted for their ability to fly long distances, they can reach speeds of up to 90 mph. Our breeding stock came from Northstar Doves near Lacombe, AB. We now have a small number of mealys, pies, and gray bars - beautiful, as well as brilliant.

Red Deer County Rural Beautification Program Award

Our gorgeous daylilies won us the RED DEER COUNTY RURAL BEAUTIFICATION AWARD for 2016 in the 'Working Farm' category.  What fun! The beautiful sign presented to us by the county is now displayed on an old ladder that Jeff painted up - Yes, we love color!!  Next summer we will put potted daylilies on the other rungs. We enjoyed the best season we've had thus far since starting daylily production. It has been wonderful greeting all the visitors to our farm over the last 6 years. THANK YOU for your kindness and friendship. Please come and visit us again.