Big Dig Landscaper Clump Sale List

Applause (tall; dark blood-red) SOLD OUT!

Alaskan Midnight

Apricot Summer (tall; spider like)

Atlas (tall; clear yellow)

Bess Ross (tall; rich red)

Blackberry Sherbet (med; gold with red eyezone) SOLD OUT!

Blueberry Sundae (short; creamy white with dark edge) SOLD OUT!

Border Sentry (med; yellow & rose bicolor with rose band)

Bright Dancer (tall; bright red; has a woodland feel)

Buttered Popcorn (tall; bright butter yellow; early bloomer) SOLD OUT!

Caitlyn McKenzie (med; apricot orange) SOLD OUT!

Catherine Neal (tall; dark purple) SOLD OUT!

Chicago Knockout (med; rich dark red) SOLD OUT!

Coral Spider (tall; light coral with creamy gold ribs) SOLD OUT!

Darius (short; purple-blue) SOLD OUT!

Designer Gown (med; pink lavender blend) SOLD OUT!

Dominic (tall; dark black red)

Double Pom Pom (med; salmon pink)

Eyes Have It (tall; pink with burgundy eyezone)

Fielder’s Choice (med; burgundy red)

Frances Joiner (short; peach rose blend) SOLD OUT!

Green Flutter (short; canary yellow)

Hamlet (short; purple with dark blue halo)

Hey There (med; crimson red with fine white edge) SOLD OUT!

House of Orange (med; dark orange)

Hudson Valley (tall; greenish yellow) SOLD OUT!

Ilonka (med; orchid lavender blend) SOLD OUT!

Jo Barbre (med; yellow; simple double)

Longlesson Liberty Belle (tall; rose peach)

Love Those Eyes (med; golden yellow with red eyezone) SOLD OUT!

Mad Max (tall; rosy purple spider)

Mateus (tall; rose wine)

Nairobi Night (tall; purple with yellow green throat) SOLD OUT!

Pepper Sauce (short; ruby crimson)

Quinn Buck (med; lavender)

Rocket Man (tall; red with distinct mid-rib)

Royal Palace Prince (med; rose lavender blend)

Ruby Throat (short; ruby red) SOLD OUT!

Savannah Art (short; reddish brown)

Shades of Darkness (med; black red)

Siloam Paul Watts (med; red)

Sir Modred (short; dark red – almost black)

Sligo (med; rich red)

South Seas (tall; pink with melon overlay)


Spirit of Paris (med; pink tinted cream – needs heat)

Svengali (med; peach/rose) SOLD OUT!

Turkish Night (tall; light grape purple)

Victorian Collar (med; yellow gold)

White Crinoline (short; near white) SOLD OUT!

Wispy Rays (tall; pompeian red) SOLD OUT!

Yazoo Double Butterscotch (short; gold/brown/red blend) SOLD OUT!

Note: While on our website you can search in ‘OUR DAYLILIES’ to see what these cultivars look like (those that are published), but PLEASE ORDER THESE CLUMPS BY PHONE (403-887-6107). If you order via the flower page you will be purchasing at regular price, and you will not get a clump.

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